各国のクリエイターが"家"からはじめる、パンデミック時代の創造活動 Creative Practice from "HOME" under COVID-19 Pandemic


*Reservation Deadline for the latter discussion part :
[16:00(Japanese Standard Time) July 24th(fri),2020 ]

“Creativity from HOME” 参加クリエイターによる公開トーク



Talk Session by Creators of “Creativity from HOME”

Creative Practice from "HOME" under COVID-19 Pandemic

from Ukraine,Nigeria,Hong Kong,Singapore,Indonesia and Japan

*English follows




[ ※今後3か月の間でクリエイター&参加者(サポーター)との対話や交流を深め、特別ゲスト等を迎えて行う非公開イベントや集まりなどもご用意する予定です。是非本プロジェクト情報を引き続きチェックいただければとおもいます ]

"Creativity from HOME" 実験リモートレジデンシープロジェクト概要
Blog: https://co-iki.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c0iki/

The creators/artists are now facing a new phase of their creative practice under the Pandemic.
"Creativity" and " Mobility(Physicality)" , "Isolation" and "Solidality", "Intimacy" and "Distance", which we would like to explore with the participating creators while staying at home in different locations on the globe.

What technologies brought us in modern times has now been broken down by the virus spread and here the new technologies are helping us to connect and collaborate proactively.

We would like you to take a closer look into creators' ideas and their creative practice/experiment from "HOME" (both physically&conceptually) during the Pandemic.
Actually all the upcoming projects will be implemented between July and September,2020, in the course of this remote residency.

What is creative practice from "HOME"?
How could we work collaboratively even from a long distance?

Let's explore together to find a clue participating in this session!

[ Please follow the news on the project as we will update more and will open private lounge events&gatherings for further creative networking! ]

"Creativity from HOME" Project Outline
Blog: https://co-iki.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c0iki/

*We will hava a free live streaming in the first half session and will send an invitation to the latter discussion part for the people who have made reservations via Peatix. More details as below.

- Schedule -
18:00-20:00JST (前半):Project Presentation&Talk by the creators via live stream broadcasting
@ライブストリーミング Facebook Liveで配信します。以下よりご覧ください。
Please follow our Facebook page for further live streaming info.
▼Facebook Live Streamig (動画配信URLはこちら)
▼Facebook Event Page (FBイベントページはこちら):

[休憩(30分) - Intermission (30min)]

20:30-21:30JST (後半):Discussion altogether @Zoom by reservation 

We will send the Zoom URL to the participants who have made reservations.

*Please make a reservation via Peatix in advance[ by 16:00JST July 24th,2020 ] when you are participating in the discussion part.
We will send you the URL to join the discussion.
Please notify us 3 days before the event in case you have difficulty making a reservation via Peatix.We will suggest a solution.
*The discussion part would not be live stream broadcast but only recorded and shared in the private FB group only for the participating creators as a project archive.

Fee : Free (Your warm donation is welcomed!)  ※無料、ドネーション歓迎

▼How to support ドネーション参加方法
In return for your support, you will be invited to the private gatherings on our virtual lounge during this residency.
We do appreciate your warm support✨

Reservation: Reservation should be made [ by 16:00JST July 24th,2020 ] for the latter discussion part.
You can take part in either session as you wish.
Please make a reservation via Peatix in advance to take part in the latter disscussion part.
Peatix予約URL: https://creativety-from-home.peatix.com/

【*Notes 注】
*The time shown here is Japanese Standard Time.Please check the time-zone difference of your location.
*The talk session will be interpreted into either English or Japanese.
Please understand the mother tongue of the participating creators is not English.We will have supporters for interpretation.
*Please understand that the internet connections are not always good depending on the used device and the wi-fi setting of each speaker's country and region.
*The first part would be on live streaming but the latter discussion part would not be live stream broadcast.It will be only recorded and shared in the private FB group only for the participating creators as a project archive.

*Please make sure of your PC setting before you enter on Zoom,the online conference tool.

(English) https://zoom.us/
(日本語) https://zoom.us/jp-jp/meetings.html

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